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Signs point to YES!

Business signage, vehicle signage, business stationery and retail solutions are all a massive part of how
your brand is seen.

TV & Radio ads are 15 to 30 seconds, newspaper ads last a day, flyers are on the fridge for a week, but signage around your business and on your vehicle will be seen for many years!

Large business advertising signs, small business banners, commercial signs, sporting club signs... We have an alphabet of signage options!

If you’ve seen something you like, contact us today and we will make your vision a reality!

Marshane Media has over 50 years of combined experience in the signage industry. We have a dedicated team of installers and designers to support you and your business.

We sure can! We have a network of installers around Australia that support Marshane Media.

Any town, any state, we will travel anywhere!

Yes you can! We accept the following formats:


JPEG file formats will be accepted after the graphic designer has seen the file and has confirmed its

Yes we can! Please contact us in regards to your signage install requirements.

Absolutely! Whether you require a small logo or a full branding/style guide, our team of designers cover it all!

All clients receive artwork approvals to sign.

Only after they are signed and we have approval to print is when your signs will be printed.

If there is a fault with your sign we will work closely with you to rectify the issue. More information available in our terms & conditions.

Artwork Tips

Ensure all fonts have been embedded/outlined.

Artwork under 2.5M in size should be created to actual scale (1:1 scale). Anything larger please contact our team to discuss the best scale.

We require raster images (photos and bitmaps) to be 150dpi at final output size.

We recommend artwork less than 900x600mm (about A1 size) needs a resolution of at least 250dpi.

Most sign materials require a bleed of 10mm on all 4 sides of each panel including sheet joins

Banners require a bleed of 50mm on all 4 sides

Depending on your system, this may mean sending each photo attached to an individual email message. If you have online/cloud storage (ie. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive) just send us a link to the file!

Need more information or assistance? Give our team a call on 02 6056 4949!


Wash regularly when the vehicle appears dirty. Rinse off as much dirt and grit as possible with a spray of water!

Use a wet, non-abrasive detergent

Rinse thoroughly with clean water, immediately use a silicone squeegee to remove water and finish with a clean microfibre cloth to avoid spotting

Automatic car wash? Go for the touch-less option, brushes may cause dulling, scratching or peeling of graphics

Cleaning off bugs? Try soaking them with hot soapy water first! Meguiar’s Gold ClassTM Bug and Tar Remover or 3MTM Citrus Base Cleaner work great if further cleaning is needed, but test in a small area first.

Spot clean, do not scrub! Rough scrubbers or abrasive tools can scratch the film.

Pressure washing can be done if water pressure is below 2000psi (14 MPa) and temperature below 80°C (175°F). Use a 40+ degree wide angle spray nozzle and keep it at least 1 foot (300mm) away from the graphic at a 90 degree angle!

Wipe spilled fuel off immediately to avoid degrading the wrap/graphic, then wash as normal.

Do not use any polish or wax on matte and textured films! Remove any wax or wax residue with an all-purpose cleaner.

Store indoors or undercover whenever possible, or use a cloth car cover! Just like paint, vinyl graphics degrade in the sun, and rain may contain contaminants too!

If your graphics discolour or turn brown, remove immediately to avoid staining your vehicle’s paint.

LED Screen Hire

Our LED screens cut through daylight so your message won't be washed out by the sun, and our screens are also waterproof in case of bad weather.

For private events, absolutely!

However, make sure you have approval from your local council and state roads company if the images or videos may distract traffic!

Yes! We supply a range of scoring software that’s suitable for, AFL, NRL, Hockey, Soccer and many more

Yes, please contact Andy@marshanemedia.com.au to discuss package options.

2500x1500mm, 3000x2000mm & 4000x2000mm.

Yes we can! When booking your event, please notify Andy if you require an operator.

Yes we can, we have a range of audio options for our screens, just ask Andy!

Marshane Media can supply a suitable generator for the event to run the screen. Additional costs apply.

Yes, depending on the location and logistics. Ask Andy when inquiring about a screen hire!

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